The First Post

My intent with this first post is to convey to you, the reader, the overall goal with this blog.

In the coming year, I plan to expand my knowledge, gradually expand and possibly eliminate boundaries, jump outside the comfort zone in the kitchen, and all in all enjoy my journey into the world of culinary art.  Oh, and don’t get me wrong- my stomach is just as excited as my soul.  I plan to experiment with all aspects of food in the kitchen and document the whole way.  The main focus is to keep learning, progressing, cooking, eating and relishing every minute of it.

I want to supplement my kitchen experiments with gaining knowledge through classes and incorporating that into my everyday cooking.  It’s really mind blowing the amount of resources that are available to those open to look.  I want to really stretch past that comfort zone and play with all kinds of ingredients, techniques and recipes.  I plan to pick one recipe to prepare for the blog each week.  The only rule here is that it has to be a new recipe each week (one that I’ve not cooked before- for the blog or in life). I do want to welcome all suggestions as no dish shall be off limits!  I want to expose myself to any and all culinary elements.

My boyfriend Max will document the preparation and finished dish for your viewing and learning pleasure.

You can look forward to watching me embark on my culinary journey.  Check back each week for a new dish and recipe!

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  1. Max

    I am very excited to be helping you with this!

    • Lindsay Snider

      I’m looking forward to the collaboration as well!

    • Lindsay Snider

      All in due time! ๐Ÿ™‚